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Old story, new beginnings

Hard to believe it’s been almost two years since my last post. In that time, I did a bunch of print, radio and TV interviews for After Darkness (which has sold thousands of copies and been nominated for several awards, including the Miles Franklin). I wrote a newspaper article about the WW2 internment of Japanese civilians … Continue reading

A shot in the dark

  (This piece I wrote about winning the 2014 Vogel’s Literary Award was first published on The Wheeler Centre website.) I got the email at five am. Four fifty-seven, to be precise. I had just returned home from a very long day at The Writers Room in New York, where I have a desk. An hour earlier, … Continue reading

2014 Calibre Prize: The evolution of an essay

‘Unearthing the Past’ traces a springtime walk I took through suburban Tokyo in 2013, on the trail of some mysterious bones discovered in 1989. I met lawyers and activists involved in the struggle to identify the remains and expose the horrors of Japan’s wartime past. Continue reading

Habits I wish I had a year ago

Now that I’m staring down the barrel of completing my doctorate/novel, I’ve developed several good habits that make me think: “Why, oh why, didn’t I do these years ago?” For the sake of other writers, and as a memo to my future lazy self, I thought I’d share them here. Write every day, first thing … Continue reading

Stranded: the evolution of a story

Everyone remembers their first time. The first time a story they wrote is accepted for publication. Even though, as a journalist, I’d had fifty-odd articles already published, when my first short story was finally accepted for publication I felt a rush of emotion. Was I happy? Yes, because writing fiction is much more personal than … Continue reading

The Artist’s Way and all that jazz

Going on an “artist date” as part of the Artist’s Way turns into a meditation on creativity, jazz, association and the meaning of art… Continue reading

Inside the Iowa Writers’ Workshop summer fiction course

Someone recently asked me to write about the “inner workings” of the Iowa Writers’ Workshop and the summer program in particular. As I recently wrote an acquittal report for the funding I received from the Copyright Agency Limited (www.copyright.com.au) to attend the special 3-week May session in fiction at Iowa, I thought it might be … Continue reading

Doctor of Creative Arts candidate selected to attend Iowa Writers’ Workshop

http://datasearch2.uts.edu.au/fass/news-events/news-detail.cfm?ItemId=27062 Doctor of Creative Arts candidate Christine Piper was selected to attend the Iowa Writers’ Workshop three-week special summer fiction writing workshop in May. Her acceptance into the course was based on a portfolio of three pieces of fiction – one of which her creative doctoral thesis work-in-progress, which she is developing under the supervision … Continue reading

Iowa Writers’ Workshop

In creative writing circles, the Iowa Writers’ Workshop at the University of Iowa is known as the writer’s Mecca. Why? Because it’s the top-ranked Master of Fine Arts (creative writing) program in the United States. Here, I talk about the process of applying and being accepted as an international student in the 3-week creative writing program. Continue reading